Combine Training

How Ignite Training Gives You the Edge

Be At Your Best – Competing, Training, Playing and Performing – When Your Best Is Needed.


IMG Performance, the division of IMG Worldwide that houses the world-renowned sports training institution, IMG Academy, has launched an innovative sports performance training system called IGNITE 360 (previously known as Combine 360). The system, derived from the Ignite Performance Training methodology honed over three decades of developing elite-level athletes at IMG Academy, offers fully customizable training programs and a unique comprehensive system for measuring progression.

The path to achieving your goals is wrought with challenges known and unknown. IGNITE 360 prepares athletes physically and mentally to take on whatever challenges the game may throw at them.

This performance training system starts with a systematic and thorough analysis of physical, mental and athletic ability. Once the benchmarks have been set, the system continues to provide athletes with specific, coordinated and dynamic programming to identify and address areas of weakness.

Built from the Ignite Performance Training methodology used for more than 30 years by world-class trainers to prepare elite athletes for high performance, IGNITE 360 is the most comprehensive performance training system developed to-date. From physical conditioning to mental training to nutrition education and beyond, the system leaves no element untouched.



Evaluation is an important part of any athlete’s training program. In order to appropriately design a program and progress an athlete we must know where they are starting. The i360 Evaluation protocols allows our Coaches to properly and systematically assess athletes of all ages. There is “tension in measurement” and it is our duty to not only identify areas for improvement but to also develop purposeful programming to answer the question, “Now what?”



Foundational Athleticism – athletic elements common across most sports including power, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility.


Sport Specific Movement – features three sport specific physical tests that best determine an athlete’s ability for that particular sport.

Integrative Movement – measures how well an athlete’s nervous system interacts with muscles and movement to create balance and posture.

Visual Ability – measure the six main movements performed by the eyes – left, right, up, down, near and far.

Self Discipline

Mentality –assesses how an athlete sees their own mindset during practice and competition.

Communication –assesses how an individual sees and understands their ability to communicate with others.

Nutrition–helps identify the quality of what an athlete says they are eating, along with an insight into their knowledge base of nutrition.

IMG Academy is the world’s leading sports performance living laboratory, driving innovation and proven athletic training methodologies for athletes of all age & skill levels.

From physical conditioning to mental training and nutrition education, the Ignite Performance Training system is the most comprehensive approach to athletic training developed to date. Scientifically developed and proven at IMG Academy, the Ignite Performance Training system has been used for over 30 years by world-class trainers to prepare elite athletes of all ages for top-level performance.

Let our Coaches take you to the next level with the scientifically proven and perfected Ignite Performance Training methodology and i360 athlete evaluations.